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The congress will be held on the Kensington Campus of UNSW. For the location of UNSW in Sydney, see the PRIMA2009 Google map. For the location of the congress venue within the campus, see the Congress UNSW Kensington Campus Map. For detail of the venue showing room locations, see the Venue Map.

Lecture room facilities

Each seminar room is equipped with a desktop computer running Windows, with USB port access and internet connection, a data projector, an overhead projector, a projection screen, and a blackboard or a whiteboard.

We strongly encourage you to bring your talk in the form of a PDF document on a USB storage device. Please make sure that your talk is copied onto the desktop computer well before your talk. The rooms will be open from 9am to allow speakers to prepare for their talks.

The desktop computer in the seminar rooms can display Powerpoint documents but we cannot guarantee that all fonts will be available. Note that postscript files cannot be displayed.

A remote control page turner can be plugged into the usb port on the lecture room PCs. We will not be providing these for each session, but session chairs or speakers may offer to lend one to others in their session.

If you require access to other software packages or other audio-visual equipment, please communicate with the organizers well ahead of time to see if it can be arranged. It is possible to connect your personal laptop to the data projector, but we prefer that you avoid this option due to the tight congress schedule. If you wish to do this, please make sure you test the connection well before your talk.