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Public Transport

UNSW is well served by buses. However, many services are pre-paid only. If you will be travelling by bus each day, you should consider purchasing a weekly travel pass or a travel 10 ticket. If you will only make a few trips by bus then you should check that you can use services that sell tickets on the bus or purchase some prepaid single trip tickets.

If you wish to take a taxi, you can hail one on the street or book one by phone or online. Call 133 300 or see the Taxis Combined website to book online and for information on fares. There are also a number of taxi ranks around the City Centre.

Sydney has a number of commuter train lines. The main one of interest to PRIMA2009 delegates is the Airport Link that runs regularly between both the Domestic and International Terminals of Sydney Airport and Central Station and the City Circle. Information on this service can be found on the Cityrail website. The fare between the airport and the City is approximately $15.

Casual parking on campus is available on levels 5B and 6 of the Botany Street (gate 11) carpark. Casual parking is free on weekends but on weekdays cost $6 for the first 5 hours plus $1 per hour up to a maximum of 12 hours. Permits can be purchased from machines in the carpark. Day `scratchie' parking permits that allow parking in "UNSW permit holder only" spaces can be purchased from the FM Assist office next to the Mathews Pavilions. Note that most parking spaces on local streets are restricted to 1 or 2 hours only.

Bus Tickets

Single trip tickets can be purchased on many bus services. Exceptions include the 891 and 895 express services and the route 10 Metrobus limited stop service. Also, all city bus stops between 7am and 7pm are prepaid only. If your accommodation is in the city and you intend to travel by bus to the congress, you will need to purchase a prepaid ticket before you board the bus.

Prepaid tickets are available at UNSW from the ARC shops. In the city, look for small shops with the purple PREPAY flag. Single trip tickets are not available from all outlets (they are available at the upper campus ARC shop).

Prepaid tickets must be validated in the green machine each time you board a bus. This applies even to the weekly travelpass. (You should board using the front door only.)

Ticket information can be found on the Sydney Buses website. The ticket prices below are taken from the Sydney Buses price list.

Ticket Description Price Typical use
Blue single trip Single trip 1-2 sections $1.90 Coogee <-> UNSW
Brown single trip Single trip 5-7 sections $3.20 City <-> UNSW
Red single trip Single trip 6-9 sections $4.20 UNSW <-> airport
UNSW <-> Sydney Uni (370).
Blue travel 10 10 trips 1-2 sections $15.20 Coogee <-> UNSW
Brown travel 10 10 trips 5-7 sections $25.60 City <-> UNSW
Blue weekly travelpass bus and ferry zones 1, 3, 6, 7 $34.00 UNSW, City, Coogee, airport (bus only), some inner harbour ferries etc.

Bus Routes

The bus routes of most use to congress delegates are indicated on the PRIMA2009 Google map. Other bus route maps can be found on the Sydney Buses website. For an overview of all UNSW buses, see the network maps. Of particular interest are: UNSW has a transport information website, but note that it fails to mention buses to Coogee! Paper bus route maps and timetables are available from FM Assist which is located next to the Mathews Pavilions.

Route Typical use Comment
891 Central Station <-> UNSW Express, prepaid only, holiday timetable during congress. Bus stop at UNSW end is on High St very close to the congress venue.
895 UNSW -> Central Station Express, prepaid only, holiday timetable during congress, afternoon/evening only, departs from ANZAC Pde.
391/393/395 Central Station <-> UNSW Alternative to 891/895, runs late, tickets sold on the bus. Departs Railway Square (Stand A) and Eddy Avenue (Stand C). At UNSW the stop is on ANZAC Parade
Circular Quay <-> UNSW These follow the same route to and from the City as the route 10 metrobus but continue along Elizabeth St to Circular Quay. At UNSW, these buses stop on ANZAC Parade.
10 City <-> UNSW Limited stop, prepaid only, bus is usually painted red. Going to UNSW, catch the bus in the direction of Kingsford.
400 Airport <-> UNSW Not all 400s stop at the airport, check the timetable or front of bus.
370 Coogee <-> UNSW <-> Sydney Uni Last bus around 8:30pm!
372/373 City <-> Randwick <-> Coogee Runs late at night. To catch this bus from UNSW, walk East along High St past the Prince of Wales Hospital to Belmore Rd (about 200m).

Bus Timetables

Bus timetables can be found on the Sydney Buses website.

The 891 express from Eddy Ave (Central Station) to UNSW will be running on a reduced holiday timetable during the congress. Travel time is approximately 15 minutes. It departs Eddy Avenue (stand D) in the morning only at the following times: 7:30, 7:42, 7:51, 7:59, 8:09, 8:19, 8:25, 8:31, 8:36, 8:40, 8:50, 8:52, 8:55, 9:00, 9:06, 9:13, 9:22, 9:32, 9:41, 10:02, 10:19.

In the afternoon and evening, it runs from UNSW to Central Station. At other times, catch the 393 or 395 Between Eddy Ave and the ANZAC Pde bus stop at UNSW.